About Us


Telecom Technology Services (TelecomTariff) is a leading and trusted provider of the latest news and analysis on the Indian telecommunications industry. 

Through our network of journalists across the country, we publish news, interviews, analysis, policy developments and detailed reports on a daily basis. 

We cover news ranging from device launches, joint ventures, research jobs, mergers and acquisitions, launch of new pricing plans, and any other business and market development. 

We also focus on policy-related events. Our team regularly interacts with decision makers in telecommunications companies and with policy makers in the government segment to present key developments in the telecommunications sector.

At (TelecomTariff) Telecom Technology Services we strive to provide you with the best and most up-to-date information on

Regulatory news and announcements

  1. Implications of different regulations across the communications ecosystem
  2. Smartphones, tablets and wearable are launched around the world
  3. Mergers, acquisitions and partnerships underway in the Indian Telecom space
  4. Technological advances that enable CSPs to better serve markets
  5. Interviews with leading industry executives
  6. Rate announcements and change updates for landlines, mobile phones, data cards and DTH services
  7. Product reviews for gadgets, accessories and services
  8. General updates on the Indian telecommunications market
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